Get the key to make money with internet marketing

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In this article I will give you a clear idea of how internet marketing works and why it does work, regardless of what your previous experiences might have been.
I am a regular reader in many forums related to the money making niche, and I always see how so many people are constantly giving up on internet marketing, something that up to some point I can understand, because most people never really get how internet marketing can actually become a serious business, so to them it always remains an illusion with no actual place in the real world.

This feeling, this view of internet marketing as some phony get rich quick scheme that gurus use to take a hundred bucks out of your pocket is a direct consequence of not understanding how internet marketing works, because believe me, once you see past all the hype and visualize a real business structure, you will be inspired to pursue the six figure mark.
If you have done some research about the internet marketing business you probably know that there are several ways to exploit it. You can do so with or without a website, through affiliate programs, CPA networks, PPC ad networks, and more.
Probably you know all of this because you took an internet marketing course that got you nowhere, and believe me, I know the feeling as I myself invested in worthless products with very little educational value that did not do much for me, although I think each one of them helped me in one way or another.
However, the real break, and the real understanding of the internet marketing business' true potential came when I learned what I consider the single most important factor that makes it all possible: how to generate traffic.
Indeed, sure it is very important to have a good landing page or a website (whether it is your own or a redirect to a third party's sales letter), however, if you do not have a good number of visitors -targeted ones- to that website, nothing will happen, period.
As it turns out, traffic generation is the hardest part of the internet marketing business and this is where everybody tends to fail, because indeed, a lot of internet marketing courses and programs will provide you with a lot of tools, pre-made websites, content, keyword lists, tutorials etc., but when you go out to the real world you realize that you are getting little or no traffic or you are wiping out your bank account trying to get visitors from paid traffic sources like Google AdWords.
Internet marketing is not then a business of promotion or a business of great website designers, sure all of these things are important aspects of it, but what really will get your business up and running is the traffic you build toward your landing page.
It is simple math, if you promote a $200 product that converts 2 of every 100 visitors, and you build a steady traffic flow of 200 visits per day (which is perfectly achievable), you will make around $800 per day. However, if you get only 2 visits per day you will not see a dime, no matter how flashy your website might be.
Therefore, if you are among those who abandoned the quest for the internet marketing riches, or you are simply thinking about starting out, take a shot at it, it is worth the effort, but make sure you focus on what is really important: traffic generation.
Do not overlook the other aspects of the business (which are also important), just make sure a good share of your efforts are diverted to getting targeted traffic to your landing pages and you will get results. Learn, persevere, succeed, that is all there is to it.
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